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Influencer & PR Marketing

As the marketing techniques are evolving with every passing day, one of the latest trends that are prevailing is Influencers and PR marketing. As most of your target audience is present on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, so building brands' relationships with popular influencers can allow immediate access to your ideal clients.
Though it sounds simple, however many digital marketing agencies have failed to understand that it’s not just any social media sensation or any generic ad in which that sensation is holding a product that can be successful. If you are planning to adopt influencer and PR marketing techniques, from reaching out to influencers to campaign management and in between, you must have an influencer marketing agency on board. And this is where you can hire NH Consultants!

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Our Influencer and PR Marketing Approach

For a successful influencer campaign, the first step is to find an appropriate influencer for your company. This technique is also quite successful as most audiences feel more connected to influencers as compared to celebrities. So, when someone whom they consider a friend or can trust recommends them a product or service, they believe them. For this reason, it is important that you choose the influencer wisely.
At NH Consultants, we can handle every step of the process. Our initial approach usually consists of:

  1. Outreach
  2. Deal structure and preps
  3. Revenue share coordination
  4. Discount code configuration
  5. Product samples for review
  6. Deep dive research
  7. Campaign reporting based on the success metrics

Our Influencer marketing services

Influencer marketing is a new tactic, therefore there are many aspects in influencer campaigns that might vary from platform to platform and influencer to influencer. Our influencer and PR marketing campaigns involve detailed campaign management and reporting. We ensure that from outreaching an influencer to successful completion of the campaign, everything is well organized, and reported.

Influencer & PR Marketing

Influencer & PR Marketing

As the marketing techniques are evolving with every passing day, one of the latest trends..

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